Good Conduct

the Fountain

The source of good conduct, it is as the philosphers stone.
It is as the fountain of eternal youth.
It is as being blessed with the power of goodness.

A source of good conduct is having peace with who you know, what you know and who you are.
If you have peace with them you know, that you have no quarrels, fights, insults, injuries.
This gives you the emotional harmony between you and the ones you know and your surrounding.

If you have peace with what you know. You have no problems with your conscience.
You have peace with the job you do, you have peace with the things you know.
You have no bad judgjements, because either your vision on truth is not comprimised,
or not yet corrupted by bad things.
Someone who knows no evil, cannot do intentional harm.
Someone who knows evil, has to be disciplined to avoid doing bad things
and use the knowledge to support goodness.

If you have peace with who you are.
There has to be a level of behaviour you have.
You can be satisfied with who you are if you are of avail to society.
Which can be when you add value to a certain spot in society.

For example if you write a book on how to have a farm,
a spot in society has advantage of the crops you grow.
For example if you are a teacher, a number of children grow to adulthood and have part in society.

Good conduct
Firstly it is based on the benefit you are to the society.
Secondly it is based on the virtues you personally have.
(a lot are named in religions or cultures as well as traditions)
Thirdly the path of good conduct leads through prayer, or talks with renown scholars versed in the truths.

When you want to change you own personality.
A couple of ways are open to polish the gemstone.

Firstly by experience, someone gets trained in doing the right things.
to enlarge good behaviour by knowledge and realizing the good sources.
Secondly by prayer someone opens him or herself up for a change in good direction.
Thirdly, by meditation the feelings come to peace and a onepointed awareness makes good behaviour able.

It is the same as the idea of karma in hinduism.
Doing good things leads to the goodness.
Doing peace ful things leads to peace.

By prayer your own narrowminded gets transcended by the grace of a higher power.